Half Moon Sports Grill - Treated horribly

Los Angeles, California 0 comments
Not resolved

I went with my husband to this place and they ignored me 10 minutes.Said something to the bartender and she got rider.

She was in charge. Then I decide to take it further and that resulted in getting cussed at blamed for her treating us this way. One of the higher ups called me and I told her what happened. She gave me excuses as to why it happened.

She offered me 2 gift cards. When I went to go claim it. The manager would only give me 1 and made me wait for almostan half hour. During this time no one helped us.

I try to call the lady who promised the cards and she wouldn't answer or call back. The manager threw a business card at me and told me if I had a problem call the gm.

I said that I just wouldn't come back and Tue manager said ok and under her breath said good.They believe if they mistreat u its ur fault

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